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Creating unified design experiences for the user is at the core of our approach process. It starts with a 'Design Challenge or Opportunity' and goes through three main phases:

  • Explore Through intensive explorative design research and strategic analysis, we gain insight into customers, competitors, client brand, and key opportunities. We research possibilities and prepare for limitations.
  • Design Here we bring together our multidisciplinary design knowledge to apply our explorative insights into concrete design frameworks, opportunities, prototypes and solutions - solutions that are Analytical yet Human.
  • Connect Design plays a vital role in the choices a user makes. Most choices made by users are emotive. The more the user connects with the design, the more likely he is to choose. Here the art of 'Comprehensive Storytelling' comes to the fore. The way the story unfolds in front of the user (across platforms) is the key to his connection with it. Our capabilities across platforms ensure unified design experiences.