Brand: Anything Skool
Company: Liberty Group
Client Starting out as a footwear company over 50 years ago, today the Liberty Group is a multi-product conglomerate. Keeping abreast with market demands and needs, it has diversified into various sectors establishing newer business areas.
Aim To research and design a creative strategy and collaterals for a new business venture to fulfill the gap of Branded School Merchandise Retail for the Indian market.
Content Naming
Identity design
Stationery design
Promotional catalog design
Store design
Store graphics & signage design
Visual merchandising
Packaging design
Website design.
Impact Anything Skool is the first of its kind school merchandise retail brand which appeals to Schools, Parents and Children alike.
Brand: Kri8
Company: Liberty Group
Client Starting out as a footwear company over 50 years ago, today the Liberty Group is a multi-product conglomerate. Keeping abreast with market demands and needs, it has diversified into various sectors establishing newer business areas.
Aim To design a brand and merchandise range which fuels the young creative minds of school going children and is equally popular amongst parents.
Content Naming
Identity design
Merchandise label & tag design
Merchandise packaging design
Notebooks design
Impact Though new, the brand and its merchandise range is fast gaining popularity, thanks to it's unique universal appeal.
Company: Liberty Innovative Outfits Ltd
ClientStarting out as a footwear company over 50 years ago, today the Liberty Group is a multi-product conglomerate. Keeping abreast with market demands and needs, it has diversified into various sectors establishing newer business areas.
Aim To create a brand identity for the group's new retail business venture centered on affordable fashion outfits and merchandise.
ContentIdentity design
Stationery design
Impact The identity displays the freshness of the new business venture while being rooted to the larger group.
Brand: Swarovski
Company: Swarovski India Pvt. Ltd.
Client Swarovski is one of the world's leading manufacturers of crystal components and products. It has diversified into many retail and custom areas like jewellery, sculptures, chandeliers etc.
Aim To create 3D realistic renderings of innovative trophy concepts designed by Swarovski India.
Content Trophies' 3D realistic renderings
Impact The very realistic renderings of non-existent designs have contributed immensely in their showcasing and selection.
Brand: Pogo
Company: Turner International India Pvt. Ltd.
ClientPOGO is a hugely popular family entertainment channel in India. Although launched as a children's entertainment channel like sister channel, Cartoon network, it has become a family entertainment channel. The primary target audience is kids (3+) to young adults (aged up to 40)
Aim To design seasonal style guides for use by licensees across product categories. The style guide should be designed to appeal to the very broad audience and promote the channel's essence, as there are no characters.
Setting Design Directions
Setting Color Palette
Icons design
Borders design
Patterns design
Editorial Patches
Name Patches design
Product design & Application Ideas
Impact The archetype style guides set high standards and were so successful that we are designing style guides for POGO year on year.
Brand: Cartoon Network
Company: Turner International India Pvt. Ltd.
Client Cartoon Network is the animated program channel of Turner Broadcasting. Hugely popular worldwide, the channel licenses many of it's program characters for use by manufacturers and retailers.
Aim To design merchandise following the Power Puff Girls season style guide.
ContentApparel design
Footwear design
Impact Aesthetic and viable designs set new standards for licensees and spelled profit.
Company: Irish India Trading Company
ClientIITC guides investors through the shifting sands of emerging markets and has developed a 360 degree in-house capability that identifies, develops and completes investment projects. IITC is in essence a 'One Stop Shop' for those looking to enter individually or in partnership into emerging markets
AimTo create a modern yet classic brand identity with a strong India connect which depicts the investment business of the company.
ContentIdentity design
Stationery design
Stationery (personal) design
Website design.
Impact The identity has affirmed the company's image as a rooted, modern company to garner trust and credibility.
Brand: Superama
Company: Superama India
Client With decades of experience behind it, Superama is one of India's leading manufacturers of high quality rugs.
Aim To reposition the company's brand through a new identity, website and product range.
ContentIdentity design
Stationery design
Products (carpets) design
Website design.
ImpactThe new identity, website and fresh product offering has affirmed the company's image as a rooted yet modern company.
Brand: Mesoware
Company: Meso America
Client Mesoware is a premium brand of Meso America, a manufacturer of high-end stainless steel and silver plated products. For over 11 years, Mesoware has gained national acclaim in the United States, as well as over the world for its quality food service and home hospitality products.
Aim To design a range of stainless steel products.
ContentProducts design
ImpactThe product designs have completed the company's image of a comprehensive food service provider.
Brand: Dorset
Company: Mars Industries
Client Mars Industries Pvt. Ltd., has a niche in the national as well as international market under "Dorset" brand. The company manufactures all types of builder hardware accessories including door handles and sanitary fittings.
AimTo create door handle design ranges with innovative themes, materials and techniques.
ContentProducts design
Print advertisement design
ImpactThe Company boasts of an enviable product range in both the national & international markets.
Company: B.B.Scima
ClientBB Scima is a pioneer in the restoration, archival, digital conversion and management of engineering drawings.
Aim To design & detail the brand identity and its related collaterals in order to create a connected brand experience.
ContentBrand Modification
Stationery design
Brochure design
Exhibition Graphics design
Impact Through uniform application of the brand across collaterals, the Company has been positioned as a trusted brand that delivers quality service consistently.
Brand: Injourni
Company: Injourni Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Client Injourni Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is a new travel company aimed at providing patrons the most unique travel & living experiences.
Aim To design the full creative strategy of the launch of the travel company such as to position the company as a trusted choice for high-end travelers.
Content Naming
Tag Line
Identity design
Stationery design
Flyer design
Brochure design
Website design
Impact The start up venture enjoys an image of a well-established and credible company due to the comprehensive creative strategy design.
Brand: Happy Elephant
Company: DSSI Exports Pvt. Ltd.
ClientDSSI Exports Pvt. Ltd. are exporters of agro products including tea and coffee.
AimTo design packaging for a new range of tea and coffee products. To design a website displaying the company's full product offering.
ContentPackaging design
Website design.
Impact Impressive product packaging leveraged the sales and an informative website enhanced the company's credibility.
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